Who We Are


Since 2004, Resources for Human Development-RI has helped adults with developmental disabilities reach their goals. With a strong focus on the arts, RHD works with our Participants to develop new skills, become more integrated in the local community and explore a variety of employment opportunities. RHD also contracts directly with a number of school departments around the state to provide supports for students too young for adult services.

We believe that art allows people the opportunity to be productive in a truly distinct and meaningful way. We believe the people we support possess their own unique artistic vision, and our daily purpose is to help find the means to turn that vision into reality and, ultimately, share it with the world. Our frequent art and music shows are joyous affairs that showcase the talents of our Participants, help them earn money, and raise awareness of the richness of the lives and talents of people with disabilities.

We firmly believe in providing the best services possible to the people we support in an environment that values personal freedom and the responsibility that comes with it. Every day we strive to create an atmosphere where the energy is obvious, creativity can flourish, and the results speak for themselves. At RHD, we feel that each day is important and that, together, the possibilities are limitless.


Our Values

Respect for the dignity and worth of each individual

Multi-level thinking

Empowerment of groups

Decentralization of authority

Safe and open environment

Creativity Honesty and trust


Organizational integrity

On-going growth and development

Personal and professional enrichment

Quality services

If you are interested in learning more about our unique take on human services, please visit our contact page and schedule a visit!