Supported Employment

RHDRI offers a full range of Supported Employment Services to our Participants who are interested in starting or moving forward with goals of securing or maintaining competitive employment in an integrated setting.   We start with the philosophy that each individual at RHDRI is focused on finding a role in their community that is meaningful, supported and positive for both the individual client and the community at large. 


RHDRI understands the importance of person centered planning when supporting individuals who seek out employment of any kind.   We help individuals find engagement in the community by coordinating with local businesses and organizations to build successful soft and hard skills for employment opportunities.  Once a client secures employment, RHDRI will continue to provide long term supports services tailored to the client’s unique requirements for success on the job.  

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We offer a range of vocationally driven classes both at our studios and in the community that are designed to propel individuals forward into their areas of interest and skill development.   Regardless of the setting or the area of interest, our services are designed to support the individual in a manner that enables a sense of independence and empowerment.