School Services

For students living with disabilities, identifying choices and making effective decisions about their adult lives requires substantial planning. At RHD-RI School Services, we are committed to supporting students and their families to ensure a successful transition from school based services to adulthood. 

At RHD-RI School Services, we recognize the important role a student’s community plays in their overall development and subsequent transition to adult life.  Community-based activities provide a student with the resources necessary to achieve personal goals and objectives and the means to share their unique skills and gifts with the world around them. We believe that access to individualized programming which provides functional instruction within real life settings empowers our students and better prepares them to make productive choices in regard to vocation and community involvement.  We work in collaboration with schools, families and host employers to create opportunities that address the goals and objectives embedded in a student’s IEP while assisting them with the completion of their Career Development Plan.

In essence, we create a classroom in the community, one that enhances a student’s future potential and prepares them and their families for the impending transition to adulthood.